Why Is Your Company Logo So Important?

When starting a new business, the entrepreneur often forgets the important role that a professional logo  design plays in their newly created brand.

Dedicating time and resources to your logo design is what in the future will make people recognize your brand just by looking at the color or shape.

In a newly launched business, an important element of its success is its brand image. Therefore there is no uncertainty that its logo plays a key role in that success, so we advise giving it that importance both creatively speaking and financially because the logo is the first impression that customers will take of your business.

Strategic considerations to follow:

Focus on the message.

Why Is Your Companys Logo Design So Important

Do you need to know what image you want to communicate with your clients, security, trust, seriousness, experience, etc.?

The name has to show your company's relationship and the slogan on what you can offer your customers.

Analyze the competition.

Why Is Your Companys Logo Design So Important

This can be good or bad. In our opinion, in some sectors, the logos are already very outdated, and to refer to them would be a big mistake, so it is good to take note of the logos of your competition but try to adapt it to the current design that todays companies carry.

Take your market into account

Why Is Your Companys Logo Design So Important

Do not let your brand image have too many colors in the logo if you work in the legal sector or do not want to give a serious image for the image of a nursery or a florist, because each sector has useful guidelines that we should not break as they can destroy our logos image.

Explain what the company does

Why Is Your Companys Logo Design So Important

If your company name does not show a great facility to know what your company does, try to put it clearly in the slogan.

Customers who do not know you will not guess your sector if you do not put it clearly and directly in the logo.

Design considerations to follow:


Why Is Your Companys Logo Design So Important

The most important thing is that it is legible and reflects the communication style of the company.

Avoid overlapping letters that are difficult to decipher, you may see them clearly because you see your logo every day, but surely the person who sees it for the first time may find it difficult to see.

You don't necessarily have to go for a rare or very modern typeface for your company even if you dedicate yourself to the strangest thing in the world, think that if your potential clients cannot read your logo in 1 second, you will be losing clients.

Unnecessary designs

Why Is Your Companys Logo Design So Important

Try not to overload the design with unnecessary elements, it would negatively affect the message that your logo is trying to convey.

The use of colors

Why Is Your Companys Logo Design So Important

Each color reflects something different. As an example, red reflects strong emotions and activity, while white reflects peace and tranquility.

The slogan

Why Is Your Companys Logo Design So Important

The slogan of a logo describes the activity of the company. In it, you have to try to show your potential clients precisely the activity of your company, only then will they know just by reading it if your company is what they are looking for.