The Main Do’s and Don’ts of Good Logo Design

While starting your brand or business, many important things require your attention. When it comes to marketing your company, your logo comes first and foremost, it is also considered the heart of your branding efforts.

The importance of your logo can be estimated by imagining it as the face of your company. Think about all the famous brands, and the very first thing that comes to your mind is their logo. 

Your logo represents your business or brand's essence. Hiring a professional graphic designer that specializes in the design of company logos is a great idea. Find someone with a great looking portfolio and a few years experience in the industry.

You can follow this list of Do's and Don't to design a perfect logo for your new or existing business.

Things you should Do:

Your Logo Should be Clean and Understandable:

The Main Dos and Donts of Good Logo Design

The first thing you should keep in mind while designing your logo is keeping it clean, decent, and easy to read and understand.

Use Metaphors:

The Main Dos and Donts of Good Logo Design

Many Successful brands use this technique to highlight their core business in the logo. Use a visual metaphor that displays what you do; for example, if you have a car repair shop, use a wheel or steering wheel in your logo.

Don't Forget Color Scheming:

The Main Dos and Donts of Good Logo Design

Choosing the right color combinations in your logo is more crucial than you think. Different colors have different physiological effects on our minds. For example, Blue is calming and peaceful while yellow gives a bright and positive vibe. Do your research about colors and different combinations; you can ask a friend for a second opinion.

Align the elements:

The Main Dos and Donts of Good Logo Design

It's very important that designers keep in mind while creating a logo; keeping all the elements aligned gives a symmetric look of the logo. Objects and elements that are appropriately aligned look more attractive than others. Its not a fixed rule of designing, but it could be considered while designing a logo.

Keep your icons visible:

The Main Dos and Donts of Good Logo Design

While shaping your logo, keep in mind that your icons need to be large enough so they could be visible even after minimizing it. Many logos looks great in a standard size but looks awful when minimized from their original size.

Things you Should not do:

Don't overthink:

The Main Dos and Donts of Good Logo Design

Go easy on yourself. Even great designers started by creating terrible designs. If you try to create an iconic, extraordinary logo, you'll end up getting frustrated. Instead of overthinking your logo, you should be focusing on creating a minimal decent design that represents your new brand.

Don't copy Anyone:

The Main Dos and Donts of Good Logo Design

The worst thing you can do to your new brand is copy its logo design from somewhere else. Getting inspired by design is something else; however, stealing the entire concept from somewhere else won't benefit you by any means. Your brand will be viewed as a copy version of the original one.